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Life in 'Verse'

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Moody Rudy

They called her moody Rudy

They had endowed her with those traits

They spent hours discussing her vocals;

at the dining table; even before they could say grace.

Could you call the the Thunder rude for turning you deaf at times?

Could the rain gods be criticized for drenching earthlings with water divine?

And the ocean that roars, and the gusty winds?

They were all doing their job but Rudy was defiled!

Days and years didn’t change their minds

It seems like they couldn’t be another of Rudy’s kind

At first a hurt Rudy would always roar

Until their nagging seemed an endless bore.

Life forces you and breaks you down

But don’t give in if you are not wrong

Smile and turn a deaf ear to all

Don’t let their words make you fall.

Canta Dadlaney (a.k.a zoneofsilence)

The poem is about opinionated people who are biased in their views of others. At times, strong opinions can break down a person but one can always ignore and move on.

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My soul  was  on sale

The day I squeezed my eyes open

To no smiles.


A heavy price to pay on Earth

Is the road I tread

Full of uncertainties

And it doesn’t stop there.


A war of words and emotions

Engulf me

I turn around to where I had come from

But I was standing on a one-way road.


I have to do my time

Merge into the madness

Till I concede defeat

To play the part entrusted to me.


My endurance abandons me

I struggle no more

For that faraway place where the sun never sets

Slowly the pathways unfurl to me.


Relief brings forth sweat of the years under my skin

On bended knees, I shout out loud

I want no more, no more.



Zone of Silence – a.k.a Canta Dadlaney


The poem dictates the trap of life the moment we are born, the fatigue of living and the seeking of the ultimate solace.

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Dim lights from within

Casting pale figurines

Shadows of togetherness

I grew accustomed to seeing

Trying to find myself amongst them.


I waited in anticipation

To see the familiar strangers

Respond to my curious gaze

They did;

And I welcomed the shift of a curtain drawn.


I spoke to the stars

In the dark of the night

Reprimanding the ones

Who vanished before offering sheer delight

For I missed their twinkling codes.


In the quiet of the night

I have always sought answers to Life

But, neither the strangers nor stars respond

For the questions are futile

And the answers may offer temporary respite.


Zone of Silence a.k.a Canta Dadlaney


The poem is about contemplation on Life, solitude and how the mind plays games when in solitude.  The mind never stops chattering and the seeker never stops seeking.  The answers are within but man never realizes this. The day he does, he won’t seek anymore.

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Had inspiration abandoned me?
The white sheet of paper seemed a stranger
Words had become anathema
Was I on the brink of nothingness?

Life had become a twisted cage
Or was I an imaginary victim of my alter ego?
Could I break away towards sanity again?
Or would I dive deep into nothingness?

Did you seek me to indulge in pride
In the solace you think is yours and now mine
Or does it make you feel superior
To see another cringe at your side?

Zone of Silence a.k.a Canta Dadlaney

The poem is about every individual’s seeking, the fear of losing, the distrust in humanity.

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“No one celebrates my birthday

Was I the unwanted one?”

Save a greeting or two 

They thought that was all to be done.


There were imaginary  memories  

Of  merriment and laughs

Of friends and gifts but alas

Unreal; they faded before she could take her next breath.


Time would not stop

And neither did her thoughts

The incessant need to welcome 

The day she was born.


Now the day comes and goes

She welcomes it with a smile

Gratitude for the realization

Life lasts but a while.


Zone  of Silence  a.k.a Canta DAdlaney


The poem is about a girl whose birthday is never celebrated by the family in which she was born.  The desire persists as she grows up until one fine day when by herself realization sets in and she feels no more remorse.










The Cry

Her cry was lost amidst the hushed sounds of the night

She was hurt and needed help

They passed her by without acknowledging her pain

But it was dark,, whom could she blame?


No one helps you in your darkest hour.


Zone of Silence – a,k,a Canta Dadlaney


The poem is about how you have to fight life’s battle alone. Each one is too caught up with their own problems to help you resolve yours.



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